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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Renewing our Availability

A Day in the Life  debut, Trindad Sept 23, 2009

What a day we had yesterday. Dave and I awoke in Fredericksburg, VA to attend the second day of our district ministerial conference. Inspiring doesn't cover the half of it. I was scheduled to perform a short audio play right after our 11 AM break. The five-minute play was one I wrote during our last mission trip to Trinidad. It finally has a title: A Day in the Life: Unavailable. As only God can do, the script's theme tied in perfectly to the harvest message our keynote speaker, Mel High, delivered.

We had to leave right after lunch because earlier in the week I committed CTM Players to join Interfaith Missions homeless shelter guests at The Cross Church of the Nazarene in Dover, DE to close their JOY (Just Older Youth) fundraising program with our Go Light Your World mime. We also had the pleasure of meeting Ennio and Maribel Zaragoza, the pastors of Maranatha Christian Church in Dover. Pastor Ennio introduced a phenomenal singing group from their church called New Revelation.

I am convinced that there is  much more coming our way, so now is our time to build and grow; to train up those who will come behind us, to build our legacy for the futurepast. To all things may the praise, the honor and the glory rest in the Lord's hands as we strive to remain in His will.

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